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You might've lost your health. You might've lost your fellowship. Take Him at His Word. Be certain that He's God. The gloomy times that's looking now may not look so gloomy if you'll just take His Word and be certain that He's God.

In Germany once I saw a picture, and it always stuck with me. A German painter has painted the--a picture that's--that's called "The Cloud Land." And when you see it off at a distance, it's the horriblest looking gloom you ever seen, just clouds matted together when you're looking at it from a long distance. But when you get real close to it, it changes; it's angels' wings beating together, singing hallelujahs to the Lord. So that's what gloom is sometime. If you look at it at a long distance, it looks gloomy and dark; but take God at His Word and be certain that He's God, and move up close to it; you'll find out it's just angels' wings a-beating together.

William Branham, Sermon «Be Certain Of God»